• Uniting the Muslim community of South Africa

  • Promoting goodwill, inspiring greatness

  • Islam aids the underprivileged

  • Proudly Muslims, Proudly South African

  • Muslims offer a helping hand

  • Muslims join hands to change lives

Did you know that Muslims make up only 2% of the South African population? We’re a small community yet our sizeable contribution to the Rainbow Nation is something to be incredibly proud of.

Are you a South African Muslim with a heart of gold and a passion for uplifting humanity? Does your organisation or business bring relief to others and prioritise charitable causes? If you strive to make a difference in the lives of others by means of finance, essential goods, sponsorships, time or skills, tell us about it! Together, we’ll change negative perceptions to what we really are; a caring, generous community.

Our PMSA team will:

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  • Publicise upcoming/past events or initiatives under Features
  • Send a press release about your story to other relevant media so the rest of South Africa hears about it!
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