Al Atfaal caring for the needy in Springs

Appa Fatima Khoele-Mokaba is a gentle soul who is passionate about caring for the needy. Her compassion for the less fortunate was the reason she founded Al-Atfaal, a nonprofit organisation based in Kwa Thema, Springs, in 2015.

Appa was running the Al Atfaal preschool and began conducting visits to the homes of her daycare children as well as the ladies who came to her for madressa classes. It was during these visits that she realised the need for humanitarian assistance in the area.

With some child-headed homes and elderly people caring for their grandchildren, there were many hungry mouths that needed feeding and so, a weekly feeding scheme began.

Appa Fatimah continues to provide assistance to the local residents and has also been involved in charitable activities in Springs, Heidelberg ,Vosloorus and Katlehong.

For more information or to assist please contact:

Appa Fatimah Khoele-Mokaba

083 663 4911