Al Falaah Projects and Africa Muslims Agency team up to help Hillbrow hospital

It is truly a heart-breaking moment to hear stories of children dying due to malnutrition and hunger in our very midst.

This is the case at the Hillbrow hospital where the harsh reality of the Covid-19 lockdown has reared its ugly head.

We are a nation with sufficient food sources but unequal distribution of this necessity, means that many South Africans are going to bed on empty stomachs.

More needs to be done to ensure the adequate provision of nutrition to the impoverished amongst us.

Another issue that is problematic is that of impoverished mothers with no means to purchase sanitary pads for themselves and clothing for their new-born babies. Babies are left uncovered which is a painful sight for anyone to see.

Alhamdulillah due to the wonderful collaborative efforts of @falaahprojects and @africamuslimsagency baby clothing, blankets, sanitary pads and food hampers were dropped off at the hospital today to ease the plight of the vulnerable patients residing within these wards.

For more information on how you can help contact:

Falaah Projects – Ml Moosa Laher 071 866 2289

Africa Muslims Agency – Hassan Choonara 083 251 9376