DaruShifa Elders’ Care Facility – A Haven for the Aged

To care for those who once had taken care of us is one of the greatest and most significant honours in life. Our elderly are the foundation of society, with a vast history and knowledge which runs through their veins, and we are privileged to spend time with them.

The DaruShifa non-profit organisation was established 4 years ago by members of the local community who saw a need to assist families with caring for their elderly loved ones. DaruShifa is also in partnership with Awqaf SA, together attempting to bring about a movement regarding elderly care in South Africa.

DaruShifa hopes to raise enough funds to purchase the elder care facility pictured above.

The most recent project DaruShifa has embarked on is ‘Assisted Living’. ‘Assisted Living’ is a lifestyle choice for an elderly person who needs a helping hand with daily activities, but doesn’t necessarily require frail care or a nursing home. To this end, DaruShifa is renting a block of flats with an option to purchase in the near future, if sufficient funds can be raised. This elderly care facility, situated in Lenasia, officially opened its doors on 1 April 2018 and is one of those compassionate places that provides a home for the aged and ailing.

The building consists of six units; each one has three bedrooms with an open-plan lounge, kitchen and dining area. Each unit can house up to five ladies and will be fully furnished for their comfort. At full capacity, they will be equipped to assist elderly 25 women. Operationally, it costs R6000 per month to house one senior patient and they readily accept sponsorships for women who cannot afford this payment. To make ends meets, DaruShifa welcomes offers of zakaat as well as monthly debit order donations.

A bedroom inside the care facility

Professionally-trained female caregivers are on site 24/7 to assist the senior inhabitants with bathing, personal grooming, medication management, massages and all caregiving-related services. The centre has additional staff to ensure it maintains a high standard of hygiene and tidiness. All meals and snacks are provided, and these have been specifically selected to be as nutritional as possible. Security is a top priority; CCTV cameras are installed, security guards are on duty around the clock, and the centre is surrounded by high walls with electric fencing.

On Friday, 13 April 2018, a pledge line was held on ITV Networks to raise the R5 million required by DaruShifa to purchase the building. With immense gratitude to the charitable public, they were able to raise R1.2 million.

Naseega Botha, vice-chairperson of DaruShifa mentioned, “We are overwhelmed by the response that we have received from the community and various businesses that has come forward thus far. The names are too many to mention. We would like to take the opportunity to thank each of them. May they be rewarded abundantly, InshaAllah, for the difference they are making to the lives of the elderly – our foundation and pillars of strength.”

The living area where the senior ladies can relax

DaruShifa is described as ‘an abode of love, care and healing’. The institution strives to provide care services for the older generations of Lenasia and greater Gauteng, making the golden years of their lives easier and more comfortable. Accommodating the aged with love and dignity, DaruShifa is an open organisation that serves all of humanity based on an Islamic ethos of kindness, goodwill and generosity.

DaruShifa provides these services:

  • Home-based care with trained caregivers to assist elderly patients recuperate from ill health and cope with daily living needs within the comfort and familiarity of their own homes.

  • Assisting elderly patients with the healing process after an operation. This temporary care service can be provided at home or in future, at their care centre. The recovery period ranges from 6-8 weeks, and is dependent on the patient and procedure performed.

  • Provision of accredited training in home-based care as a profession, conducted in partnership with St Johns Academy. This course also serves to upskill and educate members of the community who care for an elderly person at home.

  • Advice on helpful house modifications to support the mobility of the elderly person at home.

  • Counselling sessions for family members and caregivers. Debriefing is essential to maintain a healthy emotional and psychological state of being when dealing with a frail and ill loved one.

If you would like to assist DaruShifa financially in attaining their worthy goal of purchasing the elder care facility or to sponsor the care of an elderly lady, please contact Naseega Botha on 083 817 8494 or email darushifa.lenasia@awqafsa.org.za