ICare Children’s Foundation COVID-19 Ramadhaan Appeal

In today’s fast-paced world we find that the most vulnerable in society are forgotten at a time when they need the support the most. Women and children in distress are always a cause for concern and it is the wonderful group of individuals at the ICare Children’s Foundation that strives to provide the utmost care for women and children during such tumultuous times. ICCF’s mission is “to make a positive impact on disadvantaged & underprivileged communities, as well as those in need of social support, regardless of race, colour, creed or religious background.”
Their core value is to provide refuge and care for destitute and traumatized children.

Ongoing projects include the Orphan Program in which they’ve adopted several orphanages and Safe Houses and provide them with financial or physical assistance. These lodgings provide counseling, education, healthcare, love and understanding to the approximately 130 children who reside within their walls.

The ICare Foster Parent Program maintains a database of potential foster parents that can be contacted should social services place a child in their care who is in need of a loving home.

The Feeding Program run by ICCF supports other Non-Profits and Community-Based Organisations with shared objectives, by providing food and or food items to their feeding schemes.
During this Ramadhaan in lockdown, an urgent appeal is being made for donations in order to assist orphanages struggling during this crisis. This is in addition to the ongoing feeding schemes in which they have partnered with organisations such as Mothers for Justice.
Zakaah, fidya and fitra are accepted.

Extend a hand of help to the ICCF by supporting one of their life-altering initiatives. Together we can bring a little sunshine into the lives of those darkened by society’s unpleasant side and prove that good still exists.

For more information contact:
Email: info@icare.org.za
Phone: +27 21 699 0302
Cell: +27 64 145 4700