Schools in Limpopo Receive Mobile Desks Thanks to Penny Appeal and the TutuDesk Campaign

While children have a natural curiosity and an avidity for gaining knowledge, by giving them the right tools and the best possible learning environment, these will only serve to elevate their education even further.

Humanitarian and welfare organisation, Penny Appeal SA, has established the ‘Education First’ project which aims to give underprivileged learners the means and implements to supplement their studies. The noble campaign is aimed at supplying access to quality education, stationery, school bags, shoes and mobile desks to specifically identified schools which have very limited resources.

During September 2018, Penny Appeal partnered with the Desmond Tutu ‘TutuDesk’ Campaign in order to provide mobile desks to impoverished schools in the Limpopo province. 2000 Desks were distributed across five schools in three localities between 5-6 September 2018.

The deserving schools were selected as recipients as they do not have access to school supplies such as stationery, desks, chairs, etc. Most of the attending students come from destitute backgrounds, and therefore their schools become a central focus of hope and education. On occasion, meals are also provided by the schools.


Through this beneficient donation, the students will wholly benefit from being able to write, read and work on the mobile desks. These ergonomic tables come in handy at schools where there are no available writing surfaces or where desks are badly damaged. The mobile units can also be taken home where learners are encouraged to use them for homework, learning and in some cases, it has been known to be used as a table to eat their meals off – as the child’s home may not even have a table.

Thanks to the kind donation from Penny Appeal SA and the TutuDesk Campaign, these children can now improve their learning experience with proper equipment. Penny Appeal’s ‘Education First’ project envisions providing relevant assistance to disadvantaged schools and students that is sustainable. This valuable sponsorship also marks the beginning of the ‘Education First’ project and it’s an excellent way to start. Changing the lives of these learners is the only appreciation that the organisation requires.

In addition, Penny Appeal SA aims to address sanitation and hygiene issues within the supported schools and plans to provide access to sustainable farming that will benefit the youth and curb poverty in the community. The locations identified are in dire need of sanitation facilities, empowerment projects, and solutions to issues such as poverty.

Until these obstacles are resolved, students can look forward to going to school each day and having a special place for each of them to work on. What is merely a small portable table to the rest of us, is in fact, a symbol of promise, progress and aspiration for these kids.

To find out more about Penny Appeal SA’s upcoming ‘Education First’ and health and sanitation projects, email or call 081 407 2753