‘Ramadaan Chart’ Proceeds Help Establish Boreholes in Kenya

A month of blessings, mercy, illumination and good deeds; it’s almost that time of the year again – Ramadaan, and since most parents use this opportunity to encourage their children to fast during this holy month, The Funky Label Company have devised a fun and inspiring way to help them do so – with an added benefit!

The printing company, which operates countrywide, sells ‘My Ramadaan Charts’, with proceeds from the sales going to charitable activities that are identified by the Al-Imdaad Foundation. Last year, The Funky Label Company were able to sponsor three boreholes in Kilifi County, Kenya, a region suffering the consequences of a severe ongoing drought.

Al-Imdaad Foundation’s office in Kenya identified the three locations, and arranged for service providers to drill and install the boreholes, along with associated storage and plumbing. These were established together with hand pumps (two cases), storage tanks, pumps and taps (one case). The boreholes are a continuous source of fresh, clean water for disadvantaged communities during the ceaseless arid spell and erratic municipal water supply.

Kilifi County, where the boreholes were established, is one of the worst affected counties in Kenya in terms of water shortages. In absence of the boreholes, communities had to buy water in jerrycans or rely on the unreliable municipal water service, which is only available a few times a week.

The Funky Label Company collected an outstanding amount of R74 000 for the cause, all of which was spent in the name of charity.

The three boreholes were established in these Kilifi County locations:

  1. Malindi Women’s Correctional Centre in the town of Malindi. This borehole provides water for over 200 female inmates at a correctional facility that previously had no available water supply. The water will also assist Muslim inmates to perform their ritual ablutions and prayers and thereby assist them with spiritual rehabilitation.
  2. Majengo Village. This borehole benefits 40 households in an area that had been long-suffering due to water shortages.
  3. Ngala Phase 3 locality in the town of Malindi. The borehole assists 60 households in an area faced with long-term water scarcity.

The Funky Label Company owes the success of this project to its dedicated distributors: Naseera in Durban, Fathima Mia from Johannesburg, as well as Fathima Asmal, who is in charge of printing.

This year, Ramadaan charts will be available from first week of April. These charts help motivate children to keep their fasts, read taraweeh, and make a Quraan khatam. The charts can also be sponsored for just R15 to distribute to children from needy families who cannot afford to buy them.

Each gratifying drop of water from these boreholes is a priceless gift to its residents, and an honourable reward to all of the sponsors. 


For more information, please contact Fatima Mia on 011 837 1576 / 082 474 1786 or email


Winter Warmth Drives 2018

The winter season is slowly creeping in and with it comes icy and unpredictable weather. Unfortunately, there are still many poverty-afflicted families and individuals around South Africa who can’t afford heating, insulating clothes or even a decent blanket to keep them warm.

Muslim organisations all over the country have decided to step up and lead the drive in providing warm apparel and blankets for those in need.

Sisters of Hope, Ashraful Uloom, Darul Ihsan, Al Imdaad, The Jamiatul Ulama SA and Industry Bakery – to name a few – have all put out appeals to the public to donate blankets generously. Some organisations like IRTIQA Magazine, the Muslim Students Association at the University of Johannesburg and Africa Muslims Agency have broadened their scope to donations of clothes, canned food and various other items to help the disadvantaged and destitute keep cosy and content during the upcoming winter.

More established organisations have even targeted communities nationwide; Ashraful Uloom (a Johannesburg- based organisation) has already distributed items in Cape Town and Al Imdaad distributed blankets at Jadu Place informal settlement in Durban.



The collection and distribution of items will continue over the next few months around South Africa. Teams of volunteers have kindly donated their time, efforts and money towards these Winter Warmth projects, hoping to make life a little better for their local communities.

More information about each project can be found on each organisation’s website and social media pages, as well as on our Proudly Muslims of South Africa Facebook and Instagram pages.