On the evening of 03 March 2020 approximately 22 shacks burnt down at the Silvertown, Setswetla informal settlement in Alexandra. Through the mercy of Allah Ta’ala of the 50 individuals, there were no fatalities, however one male aged 34 had to be taken to the Alexandra clinic with minor injuries.
The Marlboro Women’s Forum were quick to respond to the call for assistance from Disaster Management Logistics and provided food items such as mielie meal, rice, tin fish, bread, juice and milk.
The manager of Disaster Management, Mr Sepheu Nkoele expressed his gratitude for their humanitarian response relief measures that contributed to alleviate the suffering of the 18 families affected by the tragic event.
For more information contact Hasina Bhana on 072 363 9571

Marlboro Women’s Forum Annual Bake Sale

“When women come together with a collective intention, magic happens.”

This quote by Phylicia Rashad is not only an incredibly powerful statement, it also pays homage to the countless women out there making a difference, in their own special way, every single day.
One such group of incredible women are the Marlboro Women’s Forum.
The MWF is an NGO that has been operational for over 20 years.
Amongst their ongoing projects are their feeding scheme, weekly sandwich delivery to the Alexandra clinic, assisting victims of abuse and working together with disaster management to assist fire and flood victims.

The MWF work closely with other organisations in the North, such as Baitun Khair, The Two Lights Foundation and The South African National Women’s Forum, with their projects as well.
I spent a delightful Saturday morning with this group of energetic and remarkable women at their Bake sale for Syria. The ladies managed to raise R 30 000 which will be used to build shelters for the Syrian refugees.
Well done to all the ladies at MWF, may Allah reward you abundantly for the good work you are doing both locally and abroad.
For more information contact Hasina Bhana 072 363 9571

Colours of Hope Trades Treats for Charity

While the foundation of every charity organisation is built on goodwill and noble intentions, it is ultimately funding that turns these virtuous aspirations into tangible contributions.

Colours of Hope is a humanitarian aid agency that was started by twin sisters Sa’uda and Kaashifa Asmal, who run divisions of Madrasah Ummul Hasanaat (Islamic tuition institution) in Newcastle and Johannesburg. What began as a yearly distribution of Quraans for the needy in 2009, swiftly developed into a fully-fledged philanthropic establishment.

The NPO responds to the needs of the less fortunate and tries to make a difference spiritually, morally, financially and physically. “It is our mission to make life a little better for those in need by doing the best we can, turning hope into reality,” they say.

Most recently, Colours of Hope held a bake sale to collect funds that will serve their many charitable initiatives. These projects run concurrently throughout the year and include: #MyRohingya, the Gaza Water Project, Gift-a-Quraan, Syria Medi-Campaign, Project Palestine and the Colours of Hope Baby Project.

After two weeks of planning and advertising, the fundraiser took place on Saturday, 2 March 2019, at Solly’s Corner (a takeaway café) in Fordsburg, Johannesburg. Service time was between 10:30 am and 3:30 pm, where patrons and passersby purchased delicious baked goods, sweets, savouries and confections, all in the name of charity.

The directors and volunteers of Colours of Hope organisation put in time and effort to ensure the success of the campaign and were able to raise R13 000. Other kind sponsors included Upper Crust Bakery in Lenasia, volunteer Fatima Abraham and Nasima Nalla of the Crosby Ladies Forum.

The proceeds will be used to advance the organisation’s many running projects, as and when needed. These include the Colours of Hope Baby Project, which provide hampers to underprivileged South African mothers-to-be, as well as the establishment of a water well at Yarmouk Primary school in Gaza City.

The #MyRohingya campaign sees Colours of Hope partner with fellow NPO, Lonely Orphans in Bangladesh, whereby sponsors can donate as little as R50 monthly for a year, to feed a family with a supply of rice, lentils, oil and spices.

The Asmal sisters inspire us as they positively impact desolate communities from South Africa to the Middle East. Colours of Hope demonstrate that everything great starts small. 

To assist or donate, please contact Sa’uda Asmal (CEO) or Kaashifa Asmal/Jamal (Chairperson) on 082 886 4604/079 498 3479 or email

IRTIQA Winter Charity Drive

“The fastest way to change society is to mobilise the women of the world.”Philosopher and diplomat, Charles Malik.

The incredible women of IRTIQA Magazine have mobilised efforts to make a difference and play their part in changing the world. Led by founder and editor Nadia Cassim, the ladies teamed up with TL Modiri, an NPO in the Eldorado Park area, which feeds over 500 men, women and children every week throughout the year. The aim of this collaboration was to distribute essential groceries, bulk food items, blankets and clothing to families in need.

On 28 May 2018, food parcels and blankets were allocated to families with young children, while items of clothing were distributed to all needy recipients. Overall, approximately R10 000 worth of goods were donated to the community.


Extraordinary women like Jamila Cassim generously contributed a large number of blankets and food items, and organisations such as the African Centre for Biodiversity made commendable grocery donations towards the project. People from all walks of life came together to assist a community in need, radiating the Ubuntu spirit that South Africa is famous for.

TL Modiri continues with their charitable operations on a weekly basis, even though the coordinators themselves do not stem from high-income households. IRTIQA appeals to the public to assist them by providing bulk food items such as:

  • Maize
  • Rice
  • Beans
  • Meat (halaal)
  • Samp
  • Tinned Fish, etc.

There’s nothing as gratifying and humbling as feeding someone who had no idea where their next meal would come from. As we look across our own abundant dinner tables each evening, spare a thought for those who have bare cupboards, vacant fridges and empty plates. We have so much to offer, all we need to do now, is give.


For more information on IRTIQA Magazine’s projects, contact Nadia Cassim on 082 424 6191 or email

To assist with TL Modiri projects, contact Natalie George on 082 883 7620.

QIA Grocery Drive aids ‘Alexandra Floods’ victims

Rain storms in the city of Johannesburg can be very temperamental, often causing flooding that effects disadvantaged communities.

The township of Alexandra is one such community which repeatedly suffers the devastating consequences of heavy rains. During the torrential downpour of November 2016, this district was severely afflicted, resulting in a major loss of possessions and destroyed homes.

Collection of groceries for Alexandra flood victims

The faculty and students of Qurtuba Islamic Academy (QIA ) in Linbro Park (Sandton) timeously organised a grocery drive to assist those affected by the floods. Learners collected various essential groceries and helped to pack the hampers. Among the packages, students donated canned foods, long-life milk, teabags, coffee, sugar, rice, maize meal and toilet paper.

These hampers were then distributed to flood victims and their families. Losing almost everything they own in a flood situation, the victims were extremely grateful for the generous donation by QIA. It was a small but vital aid to recovery of their greater losses. The groceries were a considerable help in providing them with sustenance until they were able to pick up the pieces and formulate a more stable recovery plan.

Groceries were collected by students and packed into hampers

This grocery drive to assist flood victims taught the QIA learners that we as a community should be aware of situations around us and we should always try to provide aid to those in need.

For more information about the academy and their initiatives, please call the Qurtuba Islamic Academy on 011 608 0527 or email

Nanima Foundation donates 100 Ramadaan hampers

The Nanima Foundation commiserates with those less fortunate during Ramadaan, the holy month of fasting, fully acknowledging the state of uncertainly some South Africans endure when it comes to daily necessities like food and other groceries.

An assortment of essential groceries were packed into the hampers

The foundation collected and compiled Ramadaan hampers and Eid gifts for those in need. 100 Hampers, valued at R350 each, were sponsored and packed with a 2-week supply of essential food and grocery items. These hampers were distributed to the elderly and widowed residents in Marlboro and the surrounding Johannesburg townships: 

  • 30 in Tembisa
  • 18 in Kliptown, Soweto.
  • 50 in Marlboro and Alexandra

Grocery hampers being packed at Ashraful Uloom, Marlboro

The total amount collected for this grocery drive was R40 000. The foundation teamed up with Ashraful Uloom in Marlboro for 2 days, using their premises as a base to package and deliver the hampers. Eid gifts (in the form of cash) were also given to Imaams in the aforementioned townships as a thankful contribution for all their hard work and dedication.

Happy and grateful recipients of the Ramadan hampers

The Nanima Foundation shed a hopeful light on so many desperate families, truly embracing the compassion and kindness affiliated with Ramadaan.

For more information, please contact The Nanima Foundation on 073 984 7860 or email

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