The bees were abuzz in Fordsburg

The bees were abuzz on the 17th of October 2019 on Lilian Ngoyi Street at the launch of the BEES School of Baking, a new branch of the Al Fidaa School of Baking. The school is the second of its nature that was born during an informal meeting at the Port Elizabeth Airport, between its founder and director, Mr Nazir Munshie, and CEO of Al Baraka Bank and director of SAMCT, Mr Shabeer Chohan.

From its humble birth to the opening of its first school on the 3rd October 2017, the Al Fidaa School of Baking has gone on to train over 90 candidates in Port Elizabeth, and this was only the beginning. When Al Fidaa wanted to open a school of baking in Gauteng, they invited a number of Women’s Organisations to procure the initiative. The F.E.E.D Foundation, who are committed to the empowerment of individuals, were at the forefront of initiating a project in Johannesburg.



The idea of “BAKING THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE”, resonated with the F.E.E.D objectives of educating and empowering individuals. Plans are underway to open up six more schools next year. The school offers a free baking course to the underprivileged to teach them baking and decorating skills, allowing them the opportunity to create with confidence. Students will be enabled to earn an income through these skills and may be able to create employment for others.

The launch began with a beautiful recitation by Shaykh Sayed Ibrahim. One of the verses chosen by the shaykh was Al Asr, which is so profound in its beauty and simplicity and so appropriate for this particular gathering: “By the token of time, verily man is in loss, except such as have faith and do righteous deeds, and join together in the mutual teaching of truth, patience and constancy.”
The team at BEES School of Baking extended their gratitude for the assistance of all those involved in making this dream a reality. Their special thanks went out to The Vaal Ladies Forum, Benoni Ladies Forum, Caring Women’s Forum, AWQAF SA, and Adam Munshie from Al Fidaa, who flew in from Port Elizabeth six weeks ago to assist with sourcing equipment and facilitating the setup.

F.E.E.D has committed funds in excess of R1.5million to BEES School of Baking thus far, together with The South African Muslim Charitable Trust who donated an additional R750 000.00 to the school for building and equipment costs. A heartfelt thanks was given to SAMCT at the launch event, it was through their donation and with their confidence in this project, as well as the facility on Lilian Ngoyi Street, which was provided by F.E.E.D, that the BEES School of Baking became possible.

Individuals can get involved by:
1. Sponsoring a student for the four-week course (R6 500)
2. Sponsoring taxi fare for a student for the duration of the course (R 700.00)
3. Sponsoring ingredients or contribute towards monthly overheads
4. Sponsoring a starter kit so graduates can start baking from home immediately to earn and income (R2 200.00 for essential equipment, R 700.00 for ingredients)
5. Donating or sponsoring essential monthly ingredients, for a list of these contact the persons mentioned below.

For further information please contact:
Fathima Bux
Contact number 082 786 4466
Or Dr Zaheda Adam
Contact number: 073 574 2457

Toilets for South Africa’s Most Vulnerable

Pit toilets are still a reality in South Africa and many schools are still using this system due to a lack of resources. Use of these toilets has resulted in physical injury, illness and in a few cases, the deaths of learners.

According to statistics from the Department of Basic Education briefing on the 7th of November 2018, out of the country’s 23 334 active schools, 3 898 still had pit latrines as the only form of sanitation.

The Jamiatul Ulama South Africa partnered with the Gift of the Givers and launched a campaign to eradicate pit toilets from South African schools. The President of the country himself, Mr Cyril Ramaphosa, called upon the private sector and other stakeholders to join forces with the government to eradicate this problem.

In term two, Qurtuba Islamic Academy embarked on a fund-raising initiative to assist their brothers and sisters in education. Their aim was to help make a difference by providing six cubicle toilets to a school in urgent need, by providing an environment where learners are educated with dignity.

Juluka Ndoda Primary School in the Kwadudela area of Howick, has for years been subjected to toilet facilities which were in an appalling state. Juluka Ndoda is a top performing school with more than 700 pupils attending from Grade R to Grade 7, but with toilet facilities that were no longer fit for use. The KwaZulu Natal Department of Public Works, which is responsible for the school’s buildings had conducted site visits and deemed the facilities unfit.

On the 12th of September 2019, the Jamiatul Ulama South Africa together with Qurtuba Islamic Academy and Gift of the Givers handed over newly built toilet cubicles to the school. The pupils also received little gift packs of sweets and stationery, and were given important advice on hygiene and academic excellence.

Learners and teachers at Juluka Ndoda Primary School have expressed their gratitude for the 12 toilet cubicles that will now allow them to concentrate on the important work of learning.

Follow Qurtuba Islamic Academy to see the work they are doing:

Instagram – @qurtubaislamicacademy

Facebook – @qurtubaislamicacademy

Twitter – @QurtubaIA


How can you help?

By donating towards this life changing project.

For more information or to contribute:
Contact Ml Asad Pandor –


make a deposit into their account:

Name: Jamiatul Ulama South Africa Relief

Bank: Nedbank Fordsburg

Branch code: 198 765

Account Number: 1953 285 937

Reference: Your name/Toilets 4 schools

Lillah and Sadaqah applicable

Zareef Minty – Entrepreneur, Lawyer, Thought Leader and Innovator

Not everyone can say that they started their first successful business at just 16 years old. Not everyone can say they’re a radio host and a best-selling author. Not everyone can be rated on the Forbes 30 Under 30 list. Not everyone can win a reality TV contest focused on leadership skills. Then again, not everyone is Zareef Minty.


Leaving his hometown of Klerksdorp in the North West Province to pursue an LLB degree at the University of the Witwatersrand, Zareef knew he was destined for great things. The youngest of three siblings, Mr Minty has always enjoyed the concept of breaking the conventional and disrupting the paradigm.

Shattering the myth that people from small towns are more relaxed and content with what they are doing and what they have, Zareef was led by his ambitious goals and dreams. He’s constantly innovating, changing and developing. “Regardless of where I grew up, I knew that I wanted to be impacting the lives of millions positively,” Minty reveals.

One of his career highlights was making the Forbes 30 Under 30 list, a remarkable feat for a young South African Muslim, and one that we can all be proud of.

In the midst of his entrepreneurial pursuits and promising legal career, Zareef makes time for this passion; philanthropy. He works very closely with Reach for a Dream and has also established his own charitable venture called the Build-A-School Foundation. This education-based initiative aims to build three schools by 2022. A recent partnership with Islamic Relief has fueled his enthusiasm to add as much value as he can through humanitarian work. “Their organisation truly changes lives and assists our brothers and sisters all around the world,” he states.

Named by Mail & Guardian as one of the Top 200 Young South Africans, Zareef has always believed that his purpose in this world is way beyond him. “It’s to inspire and change the lives of millions,” Minty is confident that if we change the mindsets of our youth, we can make a change to the world.

Islam is at the core of Zareef’s entire life. His principles and values are aligned to those of Islam. He faithfully mentions, “Many don’t really understand that God is everything. The role that God plays in our lives is incredible. Everything comes from him.”

Zareef’s most rewarding moment occurred during his television appearance on One Day Leader (of which he won season 4). It was his involvement in building a beautiful playground for underprivileged children in Kaya Sands that was most moving for him.

The 25-year-old says that his proudest achievement is his educational platform, The Generational Wealth Education. “I believe my proudest moment was that second when it hit me, thanks to God that I finally created something sustainable that will change the lives of millions of people someday. Insha-Allah.”


Wise beyond his years, Zareef says that the fear of failure is something that limits many of us. He advises that we need to get rid of that fear and build confidence and validation from within. Shedding his own fear, it was after being rejected by 19 publishers that Zareef was able to release his book, Empire. His self-belief never allowed him to give up and led to one of his biggest dreams come to life – having his book published and sold in Exclusive Books stores. During the first month, it became a national best-seller in South Africa. “Anything is possible if you believe in your abilities and talents,” he notes.

Zareef’s life motto: “Choose happiness. We underestimate the importance of actually being happy. Being happy with yourself, being happy with your journey, and being happy with your own life.”

The best-selling author is greatly inspired by his mentors. He’s also inspired by people like Cristiano Ronaldo because of his level of excellence and determination. “I am a huge fan of his humanitarian work too, especially with Syria,” Zareef goes on to say.

His favourite Quranic verse: “For indeed, with hardship [will be] ease.” (Q. 94:5-6).

He believes that in the remembrance of God, any hardship will be alleviated. “Every difficult moment will pass, and if you work hard and are extremely consistent, any difficulty can turn into an opportunity to dominate,” Zareef expresses.

Zareef finds that ‘success‘ is subjective. It means different things to different people. “For me, success is happiness. Success is convenience. Success is leaving a legacy for generations to come,” he explains.

Every year, the young lawyer sets 500 goals for himself. One of his major aims for the next 7-10 years is to delve further into politics and become the Minister of Education someday. He previously gained experience in the field as the National Youth President of the Patriotic Alliance.

He advises other budding humanitarians to “know your ‘why’”. Acknowledging why you’re doing something keeps one consistent and focused. While difficulties do arise and rejections from potential sponsors and donors can be demotivating, Zareef encourages do-gooders to be consistent and remember the end goal: benefitting hundreds of people and bringing ease to their lives. Insha-Allah.


The trailblazing entrepreneur is grateful for everything. “Every single thing. I’m grateful for the opportunity to wake up in the morning, I am grateful for having a bed to sleep on. Having clothes to wear. I’m grateful for mercy and for understanding. I’m grateful for wisdom and for my parents.”

His greatest life lesson is to be humble and grateful.

Zareef is an avid believer in the value of Proudly Muslims of SA, adding, I think it’s absolutely beautiful and incredible. We need more platforms to motivate and inspire our people. Thank you to PMSA for developing this platform.”

He isn’t concerned about being personally remembered by society, but hopes that the good work he does will. Zareef would like to help millions of people in the world. “I want what I establish for our people to be remembered, and for it to be extremely sustainable, so it helps even more people with time. Insha-Allah. It’s such a beautiful blessing to have the ability to bless others.”


At his youthful age, Zareef Minty has achieved so much more than most of us would in a lifetime. With his unstoppable passion, earnestness and energy, his faithfulness and trust in the Almighty, and admirable tenacity to make a positive impact on the world, Zareef has only one way to go from here… straight to the top!

Project O Offers Free Tutoring for Soweto Students

Beyond any doubt, the greatest investment we can make is to educate ourselves. A good education is the key that unlocks future possibilities and helps achieve your every goal; whether it’s getting a job at a company you admire, owning a nice home, supporting your family, driving the car of your dreams or, even becoming the master of your own business.

Project O is a youth development organisation that aims to give underprivileged students a better chance at attaining their goals. The NPO is excited to embark on its first and biggest project – offering free and valuable tuition to students at Orlando High School in Soweto, Johannesburg.

Their goal is to give matriculants from disadvantaged backgrounds a passport to a brighter future. The classes commence every Saturday from 8am to 1pm. Individually, the instructors volunteer two hours of tuition a month, per subject. This does not include the time it takes to do class preparation, formulate lesson plans and provide after-class assistance. 

The tutors offer in-depth lessons in Maths, Maths Literacy, Physical Science, English, Accounting, Business, Economics, Geography, History and Zulu. The students are also treated to a hearty lunch, which is well deserved after dedicating their Saturday mornings to be at school.

On 2 February 2019, Project O had a ‘study skills and orientation day’. The workshop consisted of interactive activities and discussions that focused on stress and time management, study skills and mental health. This productive and rewarding project is ongoing throughout 2019 and hopefully, for years to follow.


Project O has many noble objectives in store for the future of this enterprise, including:

  • Creating a safe learning environment by developing the school library and a study room, as many learners are unable to study at home.
  • Raising funds to create a ‘school uniform system’, where learners will be given uniforms, which will be returnable once it gets small or when they leave school. It will then be passed on to other students.
  • Starting a sporting and extramural programme, so that learners can develop skills apart from those learnt in the classroom.
  • Taking learners on a camp to develop their leadership and communication skills.
  • Exposing learners to various opportunities after they matriculate, through seminars and assemblies.


Project O aims to break the cycle of poverty through education. By improving the students’ grades, the organisation hopes to give them the opportunity to attain a matric certificate, get into university and go on to get good jobs after school. They would also like to introduce these promising teens to the prospects of bursaries and learnerships.

Project O would like to extend their tutoring service to other schools and add on more grades once the organisation grows. Inshaa-Allah. Funding is vital to the success of the project and is currently received through various sponsorships and donations. Some of the items that have been kindly donated are stationary, utensils, food, textbooks and tutoring material. The team is especially grateful to every single volunteer as, without their hard work and dedication, none of it would be possible.

These sponsors are:

  • Ace it Tuition
  • Freeway & i22 Works
  • Radical Products
  • 360 Tactical Security
  • Changing Tides


“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” – Nelson Mandela.

Project O is armed with the best artillery to help these students triumph against any academic battle. Their resignation from idle Saturday mornings will indeed rear the next generation of doctors, lawyers, scientists, engineers and of course, teachers.

For more information, please contact Project O CEO, Yumna Patel on 083 500 8018 or email

Just Plated Ladies Tea Raises Funds for ILM-SA’s Education Initiative

It’s that time of year when young and eager matriculants have to make the most important decision of their lives. “What will my future look like? What should I study?” For some, the most agonising part is waiting for their final matric results, which will help to steer their academic path. For others, it wouldn’t matter whether they’ve achieved 4 or even 9 distinctions; they don’t have the funds to go to the university of their choice either way.

ILM-SA (Institute for Learning and Motivation South Africa) is an Islamic NPO that specialises in socio-economic empowerment, education and motivational programmes. They’ve built their respectable position as a bursary-fund facilitator on the philosophy that every student has the right and potential to access tertiary education, regardless of their race, gender, religion or social standing. 

On 1 December 2018, the compassionate ladies of Just Plated held a ‘Ladies Tea’ fundraiser for the ILM-SA bursary fund. The enjoyable event took place at Randeree’s Braai Ranch in Sherwood, Durban. The event was intended as a ‘meet and greet’ function and tea for the members of the various social media groups that encompass the recipe-share pages known as Just Plated. While the event was small-scale, money was raised through ticket sales and donations.

There were a number of local sponsors who generously contributed to the event:

  • Beloved local cookbook author Jameela Sayed shared her time and expertise with the attendees and donated her cookbooks for the giveaway prizes.
  • Sumaya Rashid spoilt the ladies with some of her delicious desserts.
  • Mariam of Cocoanilla prepared some of her delightful cakes for the event.
  • Other major sponsors included Allifa’s Spices, Clover SA, Montagu Dried Fruit & Nuts, and Buttanutt SA.

The funds raised will be donated towards the Institute for Learning and Motivation South Africa and is intended to help underprivileged young adults to achieve their dreams through tertiary bursaries. The students will be assisted with funding towards university fees, textbooks, accommodation, food supply and transport.

ILM-SA does not burden the students with having to pay back exorbitant study loans, but instead encourages them to pay it forward and play an active role in volunteering at ILM-SA charity events. These newly-qualified professionals are asked to give back to their communities and act as role models for the younger generation. There is no better gain or reward than seeing these sponsored students graduate and do something truly worthwhile with their lives.

For more information on Just Plated, email

Contact Ilm SA on or visit their website for more information.

Tibb-Allied Communities Network Mentors Healthcare Workers in Soweto

Tirelessly working to provide comfort, save lives, aid the ailing and dispense compassion, healthcare workers in South Africa are often overworked and underappreciated, and yet they still administer their daily responsibilities with passion and attentiveness. During the final quarter of 2018, a selfless group of nurses and health promoters from Soweto, Johannesburg, were given the opportunity to enhance their skills and gain professional and academic insight – courtesy of Tibb.

The Ibn Sina Institute of Tibb is a public-benefit organisation which was started by the Bhikha Family Trust in 1997, with the vision of assisting in the provision of effective, affordable healthcare to all South Africans. Promoting empowerment through health, Tibb is dedicated to social-upliftment projects mainly focusing on the education and training of healthcare workers.

The Tibb Institute partnered with the Allied Communities Network to facilitate the placement of health promoters in municipal clinics where Tibb lifestyle advice is integrated into treatment protocols. The Tibb-Allied Communities Network most recently signed a contract with the City of Joburg’s Department of Health, aimed at training 20 000 Tibb Lifestyle Advisors by 2020. They were also commissioned earlier this year to render mentoring and coaching services to health promotors across seven regions in the city for a period of three years.

The three-year programme, written by Prof. Rashid Bhikha, will cover the planning of lifestyle management care plans for patients with chronic conditions, and it will be designed by clinic health advisors, homecare facilitators and nurses. An annual donation of R1 million is set aside for this sustainable project.

Training sessions in progress at the City of Johannesburg’s Region C

During August 2018, Tibb-Allied lifestyle advisors spent the month in Soweto Region D visiting local community centres, old-aged homes and clinics, where they dispensed advice on women’s health.

These committed nurses and healthcare employees gained comprehensive knowledge on:

  • Understanding that health is holistic and entails addressing the cause of an illness.
  • Health empowerment – giving people the tools to take charge of their own health and not simply relinquish themselves to medical professionals.
  • Gaining practical advice on healthy living and the importance of lifestyle factors in health maintenance.
  • Understanding their own unique needs based on the Tibb Principles of Temperament.
  • Learning how to make healthy food choices to benefit their physical state.
  • Leaflets on all chronic conditions and the Tibb ‘Approach to Healthy Living’ were explained by Tibb lifestyle advisors.


The team also conducted extensive research on the improvement of the quality of life in patients using the Tibb lifestyle as part of their treatment, and the results have been extremely positive. The institute aims to benefit all those who visit municipal clinics in Johannesburg, with hopes to extend the programme to other regions in Gauteng.

Health promoters and team leaders learn how to incorporate the Tibb Lifestyle into their treatment protocols.

The programme’s success can be attributed to Alcon Dube (founder of the Allied Communities Network) for his unwavering dedication to Tibb, as well as Prof. Rashid Bhikha (Chairman and founder of the Ibn Sina Institute of Tibb) for his vision and allegiance to the upliftment of healthcare services in South Africa.


For more information, please contact Magdalene du Sart or Nasira Bhikha-Vallee on 010 060 0888 or email