Penny Appeal One Day In The Haram Screening Fundraiser

@pennyappealsa had their screening of “One Day in the Haram” in Johannesburg yesterday afternoon.
The nationwide screenings aim to raise funds for two worthy @pennyappealsa projects, the one being operational costs for the mobile medical bus. The medical bus is split into three areas, primary, optometry and dentistry. This amazing clinic on wheels travels to rural areas in the Cape providing much needed healthcare to school going children from underprivileged areas with no access to such facilities. In one visit a child can get fillings in their teeth and spectacles should they require. The other project funds are being raised for, is the expansion of the Image Radiology and Neonatal Units of the Al Makassed Hospital in Jerusalem.
The docomentary provided rare footage of the inner workings of the Haram In Makkah, that houses the Majestic Kaaba.
Well done to @pennyappealsa for bringing this highly insightful movie to our local screens and raising much needed funds for these two worthy causes.

Marlboro Women’s Forum Annual Bake Sale

“When women come together with a collective intention, magic happens.”

This quote by Phylicia Rashad is not only an incredibly powerful statement, it also pays homage to the countless women out there making a difference, in their own special way, every single day.
One such group of incredible women are the Marlboro Women’s Forum.
The MWF is an NGO that has been operational for over 20 years.
Amongst their ongoing projects are their feeding scheme, weekly sandwich delivery to the Alexandra clinic, assisting victims of abuse and working together with disaster management to assist fire and flood victims.

The MWF work closely with other organisations in the North, such as Baitun Khair, The Two Lights Foundation and The South African National Women’s Forum, with their projects as well.
I spent a delightful Saturday morning with this group of energetic and remarkable women at their Bake sale for Syria. The ladies managed to raise R 30 000 which will be used to build shelters for the Syrian refugees.
Well done to all the ladies at MWF, may Allah reward you abundantly for the good work you are doing both locally and abroad.
For more information contact Hasina Bhana 072 363 9571

The bees were abuzz in Fordsburg

The bees were abuzz on the 17th of October 2019 on Lilian Ngoyi Street at the launch of the BEES School of Baking, a new branch of the Al Fidaa School of Baking. The school is the second of its nature that was born during an informal meeting at the Port Elizabeth Airport, between its founder and director, Mr Nazir Munshie, and CEO of Al Baraka Bank and director of SAMCT, Mr Shabeer Chohan.

From its humble birth to the opening of its first school on the 3rd October 2017, the Al Fidaa School of Baking has gone on to train over 90 candidates in Port Elizabeth, and this was only the beginning. When Al Fidaa wanted to open a school of baking in Gauteng, they invited a number of Women’s Organisations to procure the initiative. The F.E.E.D Foundation, who are committed to the empowerment of individuals, were at the forefront of initiating a project in Johannesburg.



The idea of “BAKING THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE”, resonated with the F.E.E.D objectives of educating and empowering individuals. Plans are underway to open up six more schools next year. The school offers a free baking course to the underprivileged to teach them baking and decorating skills, allowing them the opportunity to create with confidence. Students will be enabled to earn an income through these skills and may be able to create employment for others.

The launch began with a beautiful recitation by Shaykh Sayed Ibrahim. One of the verses chosen by the shaykh was Al Asr, which is so profound in its beauty and simplicity and so appropriate for this particular gathering: “By the token of time, verily man is in loss, except such as have faith and do righteous deeds, and join together in the mutual teaching of truth, patience and constancy.”
The team at BEES School of Baking extended their gratitude for the assistance of all those involved in making this dream a reality. Their special thanks went out to The Vaal Ladies Forum, Benoni Ladies Forum, Caring Women’s Forum, AWQAF SA, and Adam Munshie from Al Fidaa, who flew in from Port Elizabeth six weeks ago to assist with sourcing equipment and facilitating the setup.

F.E.E.D has committed funds in excess of R1.5million to BEES School of Baking thus far, together with The South African Muslim Charitable Trust who donated an additional R750 000.00 to the school for building and equipment costs. A heartfelt thanks was given to SAMCT at the launch event, it was through their donation and with their confidence in this project, as well as the facility on Lilian Ngoyi Street, which was provided by F.E.E.D, that the BEES School of Baking became possible.

Individuals can get involved by:
1. Sponsoring a student for the four-week course (R6 500)
2. Sponsoring taxi fare for a student for the duration of the course (R 700.00)
3. Sponsoring ingredients or contribute towards monthly overheads
4. Sponsoring a starter kit so graduates can start baking from home immediately to earn and income (R2 200.00 for essential equipment, R 700.00 for ingredients)
5. Donating or sponsoring essential monthly ingredients, for a list of these contact the persons mentioned below.

For further information please contact:
Fathima Bux
Contact number 082 786 4466
Or Dr Zaheda Adam
Contact number: 073 574 2457

Running for breakfast

Penny Appeal SA embarked on a fundraising challenge to raise money for The Breakfast Club, a Penny Appeal SA Project. The Breakfast Club focuses on providing nutritious breakfast meals to under resourced schools, or to children who are facing food insecurity at home. This has been an on-going project of Penny Appeal SA, which has ensured hundreds of children have nutritious breakfast meals.

The run took place on the morning of 13th of October 2019 in Durban. The starting point was at Blue Lagoon and snaked through the city for 10km’s until it reached the end point at Suncoast Entertainment World.
Whilst some individuals contributed to race participants fundraising efforts with crowdfunding, others accepted the challenge to join the FNB Run Durban 10km race. A group of 21 individuals ran for change with Penny Appeal SA in aid of the Breakfast Club.

Saeeda Khan stood out in the volunteer group (named Team Orange) as she raised a staggering R20 000 (the highest amount raised) towards The Breakfast Club due to her dedication to the drive.
Approximately R 77 000.00 was raised by the 19 participants. R100 gives a child a breakfast for a month, which means that more children can be fed and more schools who need it the most can be approached.

“The Breakfast Club is a project where we try and bring nutritious breakfasts to schools where the children do not have the means to have a healthy meal in the morning due to poverty. Penny Appeal SA is trying to help children receive the best possible education by providing breakfasts to keep them healthy, strong and focused each day,” says Shahnaaz Paruk, the Penny Appeal SA CEO.

If you would like to volunteer to collect donations to one of their projects, go to their website and fill out the form or contact:
Penny Appeal South Africa
Contact number 031 110 0573

Toilets for South Africa’s Most Vulnerable

Pit toilets are still a reality in South Africa and many schools are still using this system due to a lack of resources. Use of these toilets has resulted in physical injury, illness and in a few cases, the deaths of learners.

According to statistics from the Department of Basic Education briefing on the 7th of November 2018, out of the country’s 23 334 active schools, 3 898 still had pit latrines as the only form of sanitation.

The Jamiatul Ulama South Africa partnered with the Gift of the Givers and launched a campaign to eradicate pit toilets from South African schools. The President of the country himself, Mr Cyril Ramaphosa, called upon the private sector and other stakeholders to join forces with the government to eradicate this problem.

In term two, Qurtuba Islamic Academy embarked on a fund-raising initiative to assist their brothers and sisters in education. Their aim was to help make a difference by providing six cubicle toilets to a school in urgent need, by providing an environment where learners are educated with dignity.

Juluka Ndoda Primary School in the Kwadudela area of Howick, has for years been subjected to toilet facilities which were in an appalling state. Juluka Ndoda is a top performing school with more than 700 pupils attending from Grade R to Grade 7, but with toilet facilities that were no longer fit for use. The KwaZulu Natal Department of Public Works, which is responsible for the school’s buildings had conducted site visits and deemed the facilities unfit.

On the 12th of September 2019, the Jamiatul Ulama South Africa together with Qurtuba Islamic Academy and Gift of the Givers handed over newly built toilet cubicles to the school. The pupils also received little gift packs of sweets and stationery, and were given important advice on hygiene and academic excellence.

Learners and teachers at Juluka Ndoda Primary School have expressed their gratitude for the 12 toilet cubicles that will now allow them to concentrate on the important work of learning.

Follow Qurtuba Islamic Academy to see the work they are doing:

Instagram – @qurtubaislamicacademy

Facebook – @qurtubaislamicacademy

Twitter – @QurtubaIA


How can you help?

By donating towards this life changing project.

For more information or to contribute:
Contact Ml Asad Pandor –


make a deposit into their account:

Name: Jamiatul Ulama South Africa Relief

Bank: Nedbank Fordsburg

Branch code: 198 765

Account Number: 1953 285 937

Reference: Your name/Toilets 4 schools

Lillah and Sadaqah applicable

CWF Kids Read to Raise Funds for Special-Needs Children

“Sometimes, superheroes reside in the hearts of small children fighting big battles.”

There’s nothing more heartbreaking than witnessing young children being diagnosed with a terminal or chronic illness. On the other hand, there’s nothing more heartwarming than attesting to the great strength and unbreakable spirit that these kids demonstrate.

Zayn Cajee is one such child – a courageous little warrior, a mighty soldier and an effervescent toddler who was diagnosed with a rare disease at just a few months old. Now aged three, Zayn is a signifier of strength, faith and hope. Fortunately, he has had access to exceptional healthcare and assistive devices, which have made his condition somewhat more manageable. There are many children with similar conditions who are unable to acquire or afford specialised resources and medical treatment.

Realising how much of a difference good health facilities and therapeutics can make, Zayn’s parents were inspired to start a fund in order to assist those who are less fortunate, and provide assistance to children who require mobility, hearing, visual, learning or communication aids.

CWF Kids showed their support of the Zayn Cajee Children’s Warrior Fund, and aimed to raise money and awareness towards the provision of assistive devices to children who can’t afford them. CWF Kids takes on two projects per year, and in 2018, their hearts were drawn to campaigning for Zayn Cajee’s project.

At the end of last year, kids around the country did their part in raising money for this worthy cause. The primary aim of this most recent fundraising project was to encourage children to read, and so, a read-a-thon was suggested. Getting the youth to improve their literacy skills, while collecting funds for other children with special health needs is an insightful and beneficial idea! 

From August 2018 to January 2019, children throughout the country devoured as many new books as they could, bookmarked pages, shared stories, and enriched their own lives, as well as those of the CWF Kids. The children and area representatives did a sterling job nationwide and were able to collect a grand total of R70 000. The money raised is dedicated to making a change and improving the lives of children that are in desperate need of assistive devices.

This touching campaign is more than just a fundraising initiative, it teaches children from an early age that the gift of giving is far more valuable than receiving, and that, although they may be young of age, they have the power and ability to make a difference. We’d love to see ‘reading with a purpose’ become the foundation for more youth-led fundraising projects.

Read more about Zayn’s incredible journey on his blog, which is run by his parents.

For more information on the CWF Kids, contact Nousheen on 082 545 2888 or email

Salaamedia Launches #Pens4Peace Campaign

In the words of the Malala Yousafzai, “One book, one pen, one child, and one teacher can change the world.”

If there’s anything we’ve learnt from this remarkable humanitarian and activist, it’s that the advancement of human beings through educational tools is far superior to weapons aimed at death and destruction. The power of the pen and written word exceeds the pointless desolation of metal warfare.

With a string of negative news from almost every corner of the world, it becomes so important for a voice of positivity and hope to emerge. In a cacophony of senseless strife and conflict, Salaamedia raises its emblematic voice for peace and justice.

This October, the humanitarian-based organisation launched their #Pens4Peace campaign, drawing on the power of the pen, the piercing strength of the pencil, the clarity of art brushes and paint, the laughter of colour pencils and crayons, and the soothing feel of paper on fingertips. They aim to channel innovation and use creativity as a form of protest and activism for a better world.

The campaign is a global call for peace, and focuses on hostility-ridden regions in Somalia, the Central African Republic, Palestine, Syria, Kashmir and Myanmar (the latter focusing on the Rohingya crisis).

The #Pens4Peace campaign was implemented in these ways:

1. The Salaam Foundation team embarked on a walk between Sharpeville in the Vaal to Pretoria. The team’s route was scheduled from 7-12 October and spanned different areas in Johannesburg:

  • 7 October – Sharpeville Mosque to Sharpeville Memorial Site
  • 8 October – Lenasia South to the Trade Route Mall
  • 9 October – Lenasia Muslim School, Little Folks Nursery School and Masjid Ashraf (ext 11B).
  • 10 October – Kliptown, Soweto, Ridgway Muslim School and Auckland Park.
  • 11 October – Houghton, Kelvin and Marlboro.
  • 12 October – Pretoria

2. Young people and adults were encouraged to visit Trade Route Mall in Lenasia and either drop off a drawing, painting or poem linked to a call for peace related to one of the target zones above, or, alternatively they could go into the mall and use the paper, paint and colours provided there to create a work of art. The artworks were displayed in the #Pens4Peace Art Gallery, situated in the mall, from 28 September 2018 to 19 October 2018. A minimum participation fee of R20 per artwork was requested.

3. Symbolic #Pens4Peace went on sale for R30 each. These pens will be delivered to individuals, schools and institutions that wish to contribute to the campaign, and funds raised will ultimately assist the victims of war. The pens can also be re-donated and delivered to children in South Africa struggling with educational resources.

All proceeds collected from this inspired campaign will benefit Salaam Foundation projects in Africa and other areas of the world, including Bangladesh and Syrian refugees in Turkey.

Salaamedia wishes to acknowledge the hard work of Ali Kandulu, an employee who has been the core member of the walking team. His silent dedication to the project has been outstanding.

We hope that the #Pens4Peace project will become a regular occurrence across the country, as we all have our own creativity to share and it’s more merited when aimed at such an excellent cause.

To make your contribution to the #Pens4Peace campaign, contact Salaamedia and Salaam Foundation:

The Teddy Bear Foundation Fundraiser with CineCentre

The life of every child should be valued and protected, and they should each be entitled to a childhood that is carefree, safe and most importantly, happy. Sadly, this is not the case for so many young South African kids. Every day we read about horrific acts of violence against children in the media, however this is just the tip of the iceberg, as the number of cases reported are suspected to be much lower than actual incidence rates. The most prevalent forms of violence include sexual abuse and rape, physical violence and homicide, corporal punishment, emotional abuse, neglect, bullying and gang violence.

The Teddy Bear Foundation addresses these disquieting matters with the utmost dignity, clemency and care, by providing a safe haven for young victims of abuse. The foundation, established in 1986, continually tries to raise funds for the rehabilitation and healing of mistreated kids.

On Friday, 3 August 2018, 52 children from the Muslim Aids Program (MAP) and Nkosi’s Haven – along with their caregivers – were given the opportunity to watch a movie at CineCentre in Killarney Mall, Johannesburg. Their tickets to see Goodbye Christopher Robin were sponsored by generous donations from the public. This lighthearted movie outing was the perfect fundraising idea, as it allowed the orphans to enjoy a fun and anxiety-free activity and be treated to delicious snacks.

The project also aimed to raise funds for The Teddy Bear Foundation and create awareness of the services they offer. Money raised above the sponsorship of the children’s movie tickets will be used to provide them with services, including medical examinations, forensic assessments, counselling, psychological testing, and also be allotted to programmes such as SPARC (Support Programme for Abuse Reactive Children) and SAFE (Safe and Friendly Environment).

The Teddy Bear Foundation currently provides these ministrations at no cost to all those who need it, and any funds raised make these vital services unreservedly available to everyone.

The foundation is grateful to Aneesa Adam, Noori Moti, Ayesha Omar, Sumaya Paruk and Fatima Omar for their assistance in making this event a success and memorable occasion for the children. Farha Moosa of CineCentre kindly hosted the enjoyable afternoon event, where the youth and young at heart enjoyed laughter and entertainment. “It’s amazing to see children together from all walks of life enjoying time together with no boundaries,” said Dalene Bishop, who is the Donor Liaison at The Teddy Bear Foundation.

An incredible amount of R35 000 was raised which will be used towards providing services to abused children. This wonderful experience was cherished by the young attendees, adding much-needed joy to their lives and creating fond memories which will always put smiles on their faces.

To find out how you can help, contact Dr Shaheda Omar on 083 557 3720 or email

Visit their website to learn more.

Muslim Hands hosts ‘Ladies 5 Dams Hiking Challenge’

Sociologist and civil-rights activist, W.E.B. Dubois once said: “There is no force equal to a woman determined to rise.”

The ladies of Muslim Hands prove this to be true, always finding creative ways to assist their community in times of need. The recent water crisis in Cape Town spurred them on an exciting and charitable adventure, combining fitness with fundraising.

On 8 April 2018, 26 outdoor-loving women participated in the ‘Ladies 5 Dams Hiking Challenge’, organised by Muslim Hands and led by avid hiker, Fatima Sait. The ladies challenged themselves to hike around five dams in the Cape Town area, hoping to raise enough money to build well-points, in response to the local drought.

Each participant was encouraged to raise money for the well-points in order to participate in the challenge. There was also a registration fee that supplemented the cause. Non-potable water helps to take the strain off the municipality grid and the water is channelled through to toilets, gardens and mosques.

These five dams can be found behind the majestic Table Mountain, and include: Alexandra Dam, Victoria Dam, De Villiers Reservoir, Woodhead Dam and Hely-Hutchinson. Along with the spectacular views and an unforgettable experience, the ladies were also enlightened on the history surrounding the dams which were built between 1896 and 1907, in order to service the water needs of Cape Town.

The NGO has already completed six well-points since November 2017 and intends on completing six more by June 2018. The hiking challenge is yet another way that Muslim Hands strives to assist with the water shortage. The ladies successfully raised enough money to build another well-point, which will be installed in the chosen location after the fasting month of Ramadaan.

We salute their athleticism and generous efforts which will benefit thousands in the area.

For more information on this project, please contact Zakiyah Ebrahim on 021 633 6413 or email

DaruShifa Elders’ Care Facility – A Haven for the Aged

To care for those who once had taken care of us is one of the greatest and most significant honours in life. Our elderly are the foundation of society, with a vast history and knowledge which runs through their veins, and we are privileged to spend time with them.

The DaruShifa non-profit organisation was established 4 years ago by members of the local community who saw a need to assist families with caring for their elderly loved ones. DaruShifa is also in partnership with Awqaf SA, together attempting to bring about a movement regarding elderly care in South Africa.

DaruShifa hopes to raise enough funds to purchase the elder care facility pictured above.

The most recent project DaruShifa has embarked on is ‘Assisted Living’. ‘Assisted Living’ is a lifestyle choice for an elderly person who needs a helping hand with daily activities, but doesn’t necessarily require frail care or a nursing home. To this end, DaruShifa is renting a block of flats with an option to purchase in the near future, if sufficient funds can be raised. This elderly care facility, situated in Lenasia, officially opened its doors on 1 April 2018 and is one of those compassionate places that provides a home for the aged and ailing.

The building consists of six units; each one has three bedrooms with an open-plan lounge, kitchen and dining area. Each unit can house up to five ladies and will be fully furnished for their comfort. At full capacity, they will be equipped to assist elderly 25 women. Operationally, it costs R6000 per month to house one senior patient and they readily accept sponsorships for women who cannot afford this payment. To make ends meets, DaruShifa welcomes offers of zakaat as well as monthly debit order donations.

A bedroom inside the care facility

Professionally-trained female caregivers are on site 24/7 to assist the senior inhabitants with bathing, personal grooming, medication management, massages and all caregiving-related services. The centre has additional staff to ensure it maintains a high standard of hygiene and tidiness. All meals and snacks are provided, and these have been specifically selected to be as nutritional as possible. Security is a top priority; CCTV cameras are installed, security guards are on duty around the clock, and the centre is surrounded by high walls with electric fencing.

On Friday, 13 April 2018, a pledge line was held on ITV Networks to raise the R5 million required by DaruShifa to purchase the building. With immense gratitude to the charitable public, they were able to raise R1.2 million.

Naseega Botha, vice-chairperson of DaruShifa mentioned, “We are overwhelmed by the response that we have received from the community and various businesses that has come forward thus far. The names are too many to mention. We would like to take the opportunity to thank each of them. May they be rewarded abundantly, InshaAllah, for the difference they are making to the lives of the elderly – our foundation and pillars of strength.”

The living area where the senior ladies can relax

DaruShifa is described as ‘an abode of love, care and healing’. The institution strives to provide care services for the older generations of Lenasia and greater Gauteng, making the golden years of their lives easier and more comfortable. Accommodating the aged with love and dignity, DaruShifa is an open organisation that serves all of humanity based on an Islamic ethos of kindness, goodwill and generosity.

DaruShifa provides these services:

  • Home-based care with trained caregivers to assist elderly patients recuperate from ill health and cope with daily living needs within the comfort and familiarity of their own homes.

  • Assisting elderly patients with the healing process after an operation. This temporary care service can be provided at home or in future, at their care centre. The recovery period ranges from 6-8 weeks, and is dependent on the patient and procedure performed.

  • Provision of accredited training in home-based care as a profession, conducted in partnership with St Johns Academy. This course also serves to upskill and educate members of the community who care for an elderly person at home.

  • Advice on helpful house modifications to support the mobility of the elderly person at home.

  • Counselling sessions for family members and caregivers. Debriefing is essential to maintain a healthy emotional and psychological state of being when dealing with a frail and ill loved one.

If you would like to assist DaruShifa financially in attaining their worthy goal of purchasing the elder care facility or to sponsor the care of an elderly lady, please contact Naseega Botha on 083 817 8494 or email