On the evening of 03 March 2020 approximately 22 shacks burnt down at the Silvertown, Setswetla informal settlement in Alexandra. Through the mercy of Allah Ta’ala of the 50 individuals, there were no fatalities, however one male aged 34 had to be taken to the Alexandra clinic with minor injuries.
The Marlboro Women’s Forum were quick to respond to the call for assistance from Disaster Management Logistics and provided food items such as mielie meal, rice, tin fish, bread, juice and milk.
The manager of Disaster Management, Mr Sepheu Nkoele expressed his gratitude for their humanitarian response relief measures that contributed to alleviate the suffering of the 18 families affected by the tragic event.
For more information contact Hasina Bhana on 072 363 9571

Penny Appeal One Day In The Haram Screening Fundraiser

@pennyappealsa had their screening of “One Day in the Haram” in Johannesburg yesterday afternoon.
The nationwide screenings aim to raise funds for two worthy @pennyappealsa projects, the one being operational costs for the mobile medical bus. The medical bus is split into three areas, primary, optometry and dentistry. This amazing clinic on wheels travels to rural areas in the Cape providing much needed healthcare to school going children from underprivileged areas with no access to such facilities. In one visit a child can get fillings in their teeth and spectacles should they require. The other project funds are being raised for, is the expansion of the Image Radiology and Neonatal Units of the Al Makassed Hospital in Jerusalem.
The docomentary provided rare footage of the inner workings of the Haram In Makkah, that houses the Majestic Kaaba.
Well done to @pennyappealsa for bringing this highly insightful movie to our local screens and raising much needed funds for these two worthy causes.

The Helpers Bring Warmth to Johannesburg’s Underprivileged

The Holy Prophet (PBUH) said: “None of you can attain complete faith until he likes for his brother what he likes for himself.” (Bukhari)

During the midst of winter, as the icy cold wind blew into Johannesburg from the coast, a team of women in the Northern suburbs of Johannesburg joined forces to provide warmth to those in need.

The Helpers, as the ladies call themselves, led a community blanket drive for the underprivileged. The winter chill had set in from the snow-capped mountains in Cape Town and the Drakensberg, sending a biting breeze into the city.

Their target was to raise money for 500 blankets which they exceeded by 280, and an astounding amount of R54 375 was raised in the space of just three weeks. The drive was an amazing achievement and a show of true teamwork between these considerate women.

Blankets were distributed by the ladies to various deserving individuals and institutions in Johannesburg, including: muezzins (men who call people to prayer), people affected by a fire in Groblersdal, HIV patients, a Kliptown orphanage, Al Hudaa Orphanage, and the areas of Du Toit’s Street, Alexandra, Eldorado Park, and Fordsburg. These warm, much-needed coverings were also given to homeless people who are often found begging at traffic lights around the city.

Groceries were also collected by The Helpers for distribution

The Helpers continue to assist people in their areas to the best of their ability in various ways; individual needy cases that are brought to their attention are assessed and each member is usually supported by the rest of the sisterhood in helping the other out.

Members of their WhatsApp group hand out monthly hampers to zakaatable (a form of alms in Islamic law) families and some are also closely linked to Disaster Management in the area, and they often assist residents of Alexandra township after shack fires. The group usually facilitates the collection of food, drinks and basic necessities to get the residents through during these devastating times.

Most recently, they started the ‘Jannah Project’, where individuals are encouraged to give R10 a month or R120 annually, to assist with their ongoing and ad hoc projects throughout the year. For women’s month, the money collected will be used to purchase and distribute sanitary pads to those who can’t afford these basic necessities.

It’s rare to find selfless women like these who dedicate their time, wealth and efforts to assist their communities without glory-seeking strings attached. The group consistently pursues donations to fund the various projects that they run and the many cases which come to their attention.


If you would like to contribute to The Helpers’’ worthy causes, please email them on

To make a financial contribution, their banking details are:

Bank: FNB

Account Name: The Two Lights Foundation

Lillah Account: 62540828839

Zakaat Account: 62540836858

Project Account: 62581568931

Branch Code: 252245

Reference: Zakaat/Lillah – Project Name

Please email a proof of payment to The Helpers to ensure that the donation is allocated accordingly.

Alternatively, make a donation to the Blanket Drive:

Bank: FNB

Account Name: Marlboro Women’s Forum

Lillah Account: 62658984101

Branch: Benmore Gardens

Branch Code: 251255

Reference: Zakaat/Lillah

The Adamjee Foundation arranges free eye-testing at Thuthuzela Children’s Home

Ask someone who cannot see what the value of sight is, and they would imagine it to be a much brighter, bolder and more beautiful version of their inner thoughts. As perfectly-seeing individuals who have the fortunate ability to wake up each morning with the gift of sight, we can bear testament to this fact.

The Adamjee Foundation understands the significance of clear vision for children, who without it, wouldn’t be able to tap into their full learning potential. This inspired them to partner with optometrist, Zaahira Essay, in order to conduct free eye tests on underprivileged children. 

Seeing is believing!

On 15 October 2017, 11 children from the Thuthuzela Children’s Home in Marlboro, Johannesburg, had their eyes tested by Zaahira, who works with IMASA (Islamic Medical Association of South Africa). 

A Thuthuzela youth getting fitted for new glasses

Zaahira discovered that three of the children required glasses which will be made for them and sponsored by IMASA. The kids will also receive regular check-ups to evaluate any changes in their conditions. One of the children suffers from an eye condition which Ms. Essay explained to the house mother, Lizzy.

Volunteers from The Adamjee Foundation help the children with word games


Volunteers from The Adamjee Foundation entertained and played with the kids during the procedure, putting at ease any worries which they may have had about undergoing the test.

Zaahira conducts the eye tests

Zaahira Essay is unwavering in her humanitarian endeavours and dedicates her weekends to visiting different  homes for children. Her compassion and aid allows these youngsters to sharpen their vision, both visually and mindfully.

For more information, please contact Zaahira Essay on 083 788 0331 or email

QIA Grocery Drive aids ‘Alexandra Floods’ victims

Rain storms in the city of Johannesburg can be very temperamental, often causing flooding that effects disadvantaged communities.

The township of Alexandra is one such community which repeatedly suffers the devastating consequences of heavy rains. During the torrential downpour of November 2016, this district was severely afflicted, resulting in a major loss of possessions and destroyed homes.

Collection of groceries for Alexandra flood victims

The faculty and students of Qurtuba Islamic Academy (QIA ) in Linbro Park (Sandton) timeously organised a grocery drive to assist those affected by the floods. Learners collected various essential groceries and helped to pack the hampers. Among the packages, students donated canned foods, long-life milk, teabags, coffee, sugar, rice, maize meal and toilet paper.

These hampers were then distributed to flood victims and their families. Losing almost everything they own in a flood situation, the victims were extremely grateful for the generous donation by QIA. It was a small but vital aid to recovery of their greater losses. The groceries were a considerable help in providing them with sustenance until they were able to pick up the pieces and formulate a more stable recovery plan.

Groceries were collected by students and packed into hampers

This grocery drive to assist flood victims taught the QIA learners that we as a community should be aware of situations around us and we should always try to provide aid to those in need.

For more information about the academy and their initiatives, please call the Qurtuba Islamic Academy on 011 608 0527 or email

The QIA Blanket Drive spreads warmth to Realogile High School

As winter lays its icy grip across South Africa, most of us have the luxury of spending hours in front of a heater or under layers of warm, cosy blankets. Not everyone has this comfort when the cold settles in, which is what inspired the QIA (Qurtuba Islamic Academy) Winter Warmth Blanket Drive. Students from this altruistic school in Linbro Park, Johannesburg collected funds last winter in aid of purchasing blankets.

The school wanted to distribute the blankets to the students of Realogile High School which is situated in the neighbouring township, Alexandra. Their aim was to spread warmth and kindness among needy children during the colder season.

Blankets packed and ready to go!

A total of R10 500 was raised which enables QIA to buy 150 blankets. Members of the Outreach Committee lent their time to collecting the funds and packing the blankets. While fundraising is a noble cause in itself, the QIA faculty found that most life lessons are better taught in practice which is why they took their students along to Realogile High School, where they could personally distribute the blankets.

QIA students handing over blankets to learners from Realogile High School

This visit was an eye-opening experience for the QIA learners because they got to witness the conditions in which other less-fortunate children their age live in. As Muslims, it is our duty to care for our neighbours, and this wisdom was imparted upon the Qurtuba Islamic Academy students during this blanket drive.

The Realogile High students were overjoyed when they received the blankets because their winter promised to be a little warmer, thanks to their friends from Qurtuba Islamic Academy.
For more information about the academy and their initiatives, please call the Qurtuba Islamic Academy on 011 608 0527 or email