Baboo’s Crew a familiar sight in the South of Johannesburg

Baboo’s Crew have become familiar faces in the South of Johannesburg, delighting underprivileged communities with their authentic Indian cuisine. They have been busy over the past few weekends visiting different areas and providing an assortment of gifts.

On the 10th of October they visited Riverlea Extension to distribute clothing and shoes and served the locals freshly made mutton akhni. Following a request from the elderly residents of Mothwa Haven and Moffat View Retirement Village in Regent’s Park, Baboo’s Crew hosted the grannies and grandpas at Dream View Open Park on the 17th of October where they were treated to delicious chicken akhni and provided with masks, soap and hand sanitiser.
On the 18th of October the charitable crew members, in collaboration with Kid’s Cabin, fed mutton akhni to the underprivileged and elderly on Market road in Claremont, Coronation Villa Flats, Riverlea Retirement Village and in Southdale.

Baboo’s crew would like to extend their heartfelt gratitude to their sponsors who made this distribution possible.

For more information contact:
Abdool Kader Aziz 083 288 7586

Heidelberg Muslim Woman’s Forum serving the locals

Women are like stars that roam the earth, brightening it with their glow in the darkest of times. Nothing compares to the level of kindness and compassion Allah has filled their blessed hearts with. One group of truly compassionate ladies who are serving mankind are the Heidelberg Muslim Woman’s Forum.

The Forum was established in 2004 by ladies inspired by the phenomenal work that was being done at the time by the South African National Muslim Woman’s Forum, who were taking great strides in helping the less fortunate.
The HMWF’s vision is to serve the community of Heidelberg first and foremost before branching out, their mission is to “look and serve locally and ask on behalf of those who cannot ask for themselves, helping in whatever way to make a difference in the lives of those around us.”

The Forum has organised many fundraisers during their 16 years servicing the community, including organising fetes, cake sales, high teas, braais and dinners. The fundraisers aid in funding their projects that have included food hampers, blanket distributions, feeding of prisoners, assisting the Heidelberg Burial Committee and providing assistance to Madressah Tul Banaat. The areas frequented for their distributions were Duduza, Bersig, Ratanda Ext 7 and Ext 24, Shalom Orphanage Heidelberg and the Ratanda old age home.

On the 3rd of October 2020, the ladies handed out 160 food hampers that contained maizemeal, oil, tinned foods, rice, sugar and coffee creamer, amongst other items, in the Kaydale, Bersig and Heidelberg communities.
The HMWF would like to thank their donors for their contributions, it is the hope of the Forum to change many lives and they can only do this through support from the community. Please support their projects.

Should you wish to contribute:
Banking details
First National Bank
Account Name: Heidelberg Muslim Woman’s Forum
Account Number: 626 4734 1784
Branch Code: 250655
Account Type: Islamic Gold Business Account
Please specify if your contribution is Lillah, Zakaat or Sadaqah

For further information please contact:
Najmun Khan – 060 618 4319
Nazreen Desai – 084 423 3704
Aadila Jada – 082 262 1064
Apa Bilkies – 084 441 3851
Sabeha Yusuf – 076 793 7898

Bela Bela Islamic Centre feeding during COVID

The Bela Bela Islamic Center has been serving and assisting the community of Bela Bela location for the past 25 years with education, bursaries, housing, food, clothing, social development and upliftment in the efforts of Deen.

The feeding scheme has kept many a pot boiling, feeding hundreds during lockdown and last week provided meals to over 300 people, thanks to generous donors.

The centre will be providing meals this Sunday, should you wish to contribute:

Banking details
Bela Bela Islamic Center
First National Bank
Account: 54200042867 (lillah)
Account:62002180727 (zakaah)
Branch code: 260347
Reference: feeding

For more information contact:
Ml Allibhai Lorgat 083 980 7721

Sayyidah Faatima home

The Sayyidah Faatima Home is an NPO that was established in 2007, starting off as a feeding scheme and charity under the name Baitul Razzaq House of giving.
In 2015 Baitul Razzaq became Sayyidah Faatima, a home for destitute, abused and divorced women, a safe home for orphans and a madressa for girls. Sayyidah Faatima has two homes, one in Kliprivier and the other in Lenasia South with plans to open up a frailcare centre as well.

Their vision is “to live in a peaceful society, without fear of violence, to have freedom of choice, where people especially women are equally valued. We begin by valuing ourselves.”
The home provides a safe and secure refuge, including food, lodgings and necessities for women and children who have been victims of abuse. It also provides crisis and supportive counselling, practical support, advocacy and guidance towards future goals for the women. The home also works closely with the community and other organisations and groups to provide information with regards to gender-based violence in order to educate and develop co-operative efforts.

At the home vulnerable women are empowered and taught not only how to care for themselves but also to give back to those less fortunate than themselves by providing hot meals to the local underprivileged.

Should you wish to donate:
Sayyidah Faatima home for abused, destitute women and madressa
Bank: Standard Bank
Branch: Vanderbijlpark
Account Number: 372 619 797
Branch code: 014 737

For more information contact sister Zeenut 073 543 7326

Humanaid SA renovate Maktab in Folweni

Human Aid is a volunteer group dedicated to selflessly serving in the spirit of universal mercy.

Their mission is to render ongoing services to humanity in collaboration with like-minded individuals and organisations.

Their motto is “charity wrapped in dignity” because they believe that everyone deserves to be treated with dignity.

The team recently built a new maktab, called Maktab-e-Riyaadhul Jannah to cater for the need in Folweni for the facilities.

Books and groceries to feed the children daily were donated and the team provided a hearty meal, drinks and goodies for the children.

To donate to their projects:
Banking details:
First National Bank
Account name: Human Aid SA Zakaat
Account Number: 628 667 111 06
Branch code: 220 426

First National Bank
Account name: Human Aid SA Lillah
Account Number: 628 667 110 73
Branch code: 220 426

For more information contact:
Ahmed Osman 083 786 7036

Al Falaah Projects and Africa Muslims Agency team up to help Hillbrow hospital

It is truly a heart-breaking moment to hear stories of children dying due to malnutrition and hunger in our very midst.

This is the case at the Hillbrow hospital where the harsh reality of the Covid-19 lockdown has reared its ugly head.

We are a nation with sufficient food sources but unequal distribution of this necessity, means that many South Africans are going to bed on empty stomachs.

More needs to be done to ensure the adequate provision of nutrition to the impoverished amongst us.

Another issue that is problematic is that of impoverished mothers with no means to purchase sanitary pads for themselves and clothing for their new-born babies. Babies are left uncovered which is a painful sight for anyone to see.

Alhamdulillah due to the wonderful collaborative efforts of @falaahprojects and @africamuslimsagency baby clothing, blankets, sanitary pads and food hampers were dropped off at the hospital today to ease the plight of the vulnerable patients residing within these wards.

For more information on how you can help contact:

Falaah Projects – Ml Moosa Laher 071 866 2289

Africa Muslims Agency – Hassan Choonara 083 251 9376

The light of hope brightening lives in Pietermaritzburg

Pietermaritzburg, the second largest city in Kwa-zulu Natal, is home to over 200 000 residents. Like most cities in South Africa, Pietermaritzburg is no stranger to poverty and the locals have had to extend a hand to assist their underprivileged neighbours.

An Nur The Light of Hope is a registered NPC located in Pietemaritzburg and is headed up by Nazeera Vawda, an attorney by profession, who specializes in family and divorce law. She has been involved in group charity work for the past eight years, starting off in her hometown of Ladysmith and continuing her efforts when she relocated to Pietermaritzburg in 2013.

Nazeera is a familiar face in the community and was appointed as one of the trustees of The Child and Family Welfare Society in Pietermaritzburg in 2015, after being a board member for two years prior. She works closely with vulnerable children and in the abused women shelters, providing joy and messages of hope in the form of entertainment, dinners, motivational and empowerment sessions for the women.

The group held feeding programmes during Ramadhaan, however when COVID-19 surfaced, they felt the need to extend their efforts and began distributing care buckets containing food items and other basic essentials in various areas including Woodlands, Orient Heights and Edendale to name a few. The care buckets were distributed once a month and between June to September 200 were handed out. The team have secured funding for October and will be packing and distributing hampers before the end of the month.

In addition to the food hampers, The Light of Hope team assist the local youth of France location with supplies and in the maintenance of their lovely food garden. Once a dumpsite, the garden now flourishes with nutritious spinach and other vegetables which they sell or provide for free to the local community.

Nazeera believes that we can do so much when working collectively and is so grateful for the amazing team of like-minded individuals she has been blessed with on this venture.

Should you wish to contribute:

Banking details

An Nur The Light of Hope NPC

First National Bank

Account Number 62868 366 165

Branch code 210 835


For more information contact

Nazeera 078 834 6298



Al Atfaal caring for the needy in Springs

Appa Fatima Khoele-Mokaba is a gentle soul who is passionate about caring for the needy. Her compassion for the less fortunate was the reason she founded Al-Atfaal, a nonprofit organisation based in Kwa Thema, Springs, in 2015.

Appa was running the Al Atfaal preschool and began conducting visits to the homes of her daycare children as well as the ladies who came to her for madressa classes. It was during these visits that she realised the need for humanitarian assistance in the area.

With some child-headed homes and elderly people caring for their grandchildren, there were many hungry mouths that needed feeding and so, a weekly feeding scheme began.

Appa Fatimah continues to provide assistance to the local residents and has also been involved in charitable activities in Springs, Heidelberg ,Vosloorus and Katlehong.

For more information or to assist please contact:

Appa Fatimah Khoele-Mokaba

083 663 4911

ICare Children’s Foundation COVID-19 Ramadhaan Appeal

In today’s fast-paced world we find that the most vulnerable in society are forgotten at a time when they need the support the most. Women and children in distress are always a cause for concern and it is the wonderful group of individuals at the ICare Children’s Foundation that strives to provide the utmost care for women and children during such tumultuous times. ICCF’s mission is “to make a positive impact on disadvantaged & underprivileged communities, as well as those in need of social support, regardless of race, colour, creed or religious background.”
Their core value is to provide refuge and care for destitute and traumatized children.

Ongoing projects include the Orphan Program in which they’ve adopted several orphanages and Safe Houses and provide them with financial or physical assistance. These lodgings provide counseling, education, healthcare, love and understanding to the approximately 130 children who reside within their walls.

The ICare Foster Parent Program maintains a database of potential foster parents that can be contacted should social services place a child in their care who is in need of a loving home.

The Feeding Program run by ICCF supports other Non-Profits and Community-Based Organisations with shared objectives, by providing food and or food items to their feeding schemes.
During this Ramadhaan in lockdown, an urgent appeal is being made for donations in order to assist orphanages struggling during this crisis. This is in addition to the ongoing feeding schemes in which they have partnered with organisations such as Mothers for Justice.
Zakaah, fidya and fitra are accepted.

Extend a hand of help to the ICCF by supporting one of their life-altering initiatives. Together we can bring a little sunshine into the lives of those darkened by society’s unpleasant side and prove that good still exists.

For more information contact:
Phone: +27 21 699 0302
Cell: +27 64 145 4700

Al Ihya Foundation – Iftar Hotmeals on Wheels Ramadhaan Distribution

Al Ihya Foundation is a registered Non Profit Organisation as well as a Public Benefit Organisation with over 21 years of experience in Services and Humanitarian Relief Assistance both local and internationally.
With the arrival of Ramadhaan comes a project that brings warmth and comfort not only to the hungry bellies it feeds, but to the souls of those contributing to such a worthy cause. The Iftar Hotmeals on Wheels Distribution Project aims to feed 50 000 Iftar Hotmeals this Ramadhaan.
The Al Ihya team have done four Iftaar hotmeal distributions thus far, providing almost 3000 meals.

Each meal costs R30
10 Iftar hotmeals R300
50 Iftar hotmeals R1500
100 Iftar hotmeals R3000
1000 Iftar Hotmeals R30 000

The Al Ihya Foundation wishes to thank all those who donated generously to this worthy cause.

For more information contact Sister Nazarene 083 653 5669 or email

Madressah Ihya Uloom ud Deen
Account no:4072219988
Branch code: 632005
Ref: iftarhotmeal