Toilets for South Africa’s Most Vulnerable

Pit toilets are still a reality in South Africa and many schools are still using this system due to a lack of resources. Use of these toilets has resulted in physical injury, illness and in a few cases, the deaths of learners.

According to statistics from the Department of Basic Education briefing on the 7th of November 2018, out of the country’s 23 334 active schools, 3 898 still had pit latrines as the only form of sanitation.

The Jamiatul Ulama South Africa partnered with the Gift of the Givers and launched a campaign to eradicate pit toilets from South African schools. The President of the country himself, Mr Cyril Ramaphosa, called upon the private sector and other stakeholders to join forces with the government to eradicate this problem.

In term two, Qurtuba Islamic Academy embarked on a fund-raising initiative to assist their brothers and sisters in education. Their aim was to help make a difference by providing six cubicle toilets to a school in urgent need, by providing an environment where learners are educated with dignity.

Juluka Ndoda Primary School in the Kwadudela area of Howick, has for years been subjected to toilet facilities which were in an appalling state. Juluka Ndoda is a top performing school with more than 700 pupils attending from Grade R to Grade 7, but with toilet facilities that were no longer fit for use. The KwaZulu Natal Department of Public Works, which is responsible for the school’s buildings had conducted site visits and deemed the facilities unfit.

On the 12th of September 2019, the Jamiatul Ulama South Africa together with Qurtuba Islamic Academy and Gift of the Givers handed over newly built toilet cubicles to the school. The pupils also received little gift packs of sweets and stationery, and were given important advice on hygiene and academic excellence.

Learners and teachers at Juluka Ndoda Primary School have expressed their gratitude for the 12 toilet cubicles that will now allow them to concentrate on the important work of learning.

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How can you help?

By donating towards this life changing project.

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QIA and Salaamedia join forces to #WalkforSomalia and #WalkforRohingya

Kept concealed from mainstream media, the famine crisis in Somalia has reached inconceivable proportions, while on the other side of the world, Muslims in Rohingya are being subjected to unfathomable atrocities. We may live thousands of kilometers away from our fellow brothers and sisters in need, but that didn’t prevent Qurtuba Islamic Academy (QIA) and Salaamedia from teaming up to show their solidarity and support.

On 7 September 2017, Salaamedia held a #WalkforSomalia and #WalkforRohingya campaign to raise funds for these conflict-ridden areas. This significant walk saw participants cover a distance of 120km in Johannesburg and surrounding areas. Salaamedia made a pit stop at the Qurtuba Islamic Academy (QIA) where the students and school staff joined the walk. The QIA staff also prepared a delicious breakfast for the avid volunteers to ‘recharge their batteries’.

QIA was able to raise R8500 for their part of the walk which will assist the Arafaat Paediatric Hospital in Baidoa, Somalia, as well as provide emergency relief for fleeing Rohingya Muslims in Burma.

A valuable cause such as this one brings much-needed attention to the devastating plight of Somalians, some of whom walk up to 150km to reach towns where humanitarian and medical aid is made available. In Myanmar, Rohingya Muslims – including innocent children – are being brutally killed, tortured and driven from their homes. Now is as good a time as ever for us to stand together and unite against the affliction against them. 

QIA continues to be a school with a purpose, and is always at the forefront of local humanitarian and community work.

For more information, please call the Qurtuba Islamic Academy on 011 608 0527 or email


QIA Grocery Drive aids ‘Alexandra Floods’ victims

Rain storms in the city of Johannesburg can be very temperamental, often causing flooding that effects disadvantaged communities.

The township of Alexandra is one such community which repeatedly suffers the devastating consequences of heavy rains. During the torrential downpour of November 2016, this district was severely afflicted, resulting in a major loss of possessions and destroyed homes.

Collection of groceries for Alexandra flood victims

The faculty and students of Qurtuba Islamic Academy (QIA ) in Linbro Park (Sandton) timeously organised a grocery drive to assist those affected by the floods. Learners collected various essential groceries and helped to pack the hampers. Among the packages, students donated canned foods, long-life milk, teabags, coffee, sugar, rice, maize meal and toilet paper.

These hampers were then distributed to flood victims and their families. Losing almost everything they own in a flood situation, the victims were extremely grateful for the generous donation by QIA. It was a small but vital aid to recovery of their greater losses. The groceries were a considerable help in providing them with sustenance until they were able to pick up the pieces and formulate a more stable recovery plan.

Groceries were collected by students and packed into hampers

This grocery drive to assist flood victims taught the QIA learners that we as a community should be aware of situations around us and we should always try to provide aid to those in need.

For more information about the academy and their initiatives, please call the Qurtuba Islamic Academy on 011 608 0527 or email

Qurtuba Islamic Academy donates grocery hampers in the spirit of Ramadaan

With Ramadaan coming to a close, most of us have been fortunate enough to begin and end each day of fasting with an abundance of wholesome and delicious food. To truly acknowledge the spirit of the month of fasting, we have to put ourselves in the shoes of those who can’t enjoy the luxury of having a spread of food on their tables each iftaar (time of breaking fast).

QIA students hard at work packing hampers

Staff and students at Qurtuba Islamic Academy were conscious of this need among the less privileged members of the Muslim community. During May 2017 before Ramadaan began, these kind-hearted benefactors began raising funds for iftaar hampers. Funds were collected from QIA students, as well as members of the Linbro Park Muslim community.

A wide selection of groceries were packed in each hamper

Groceries were purchased through the Jamiatul Ulama South Africa, and included a variety of useful food products; sugar, flour, tin foods, oil, mealie meal, oats, rice, spices, eggs, tea, coffee and much more. The hampers also included essential household products like soap, washing powder and toothpaste. Once the groceries were purchased, Qurtuba Islamic Academy learners spent their first Saturday in Ramadaan hard at work packing individual hampers for distribution. This served as a learning experience for the children and allowed them the opportunity to consider the plight of the less fortunate.

60 hampers packed and ready to be distributed

60 Hampers were donated in total; 10 to deserving individuals in the Linbro Park community and 50 hampers were handed over to the Jamiatul-Ulama South Africa, who distributed them to widows and other worthy recipients. The hampers, valued at approximately R850 each, were filled to the brim with indispensable supplies, intended to sustain each family for the entire month of fasting. This project was made a reality thanks to Moulana Asad Pandor of the Jamiatul Ulama of South Africa.

Beneficiaries receiving their grocery hampers

Qurtuba Islamic Academy can be proud that while they broke each fast with a feast this Ramadaan, their hamper recipients also experienced the joy of having good food on the table.

For more information about the academy and their initiatives, please call the Qurtuba Islamic Academy on 011 608 0527 or email

The QIA Blanket Drive spreads warmth to Realogile High School

As winter lays its icy grip across South Africa, most of us have the luxury of spending hours in front of a heater or under layers of warm, cosy blankets. Not everyone has this comfort when the cold settles in, which is what inspired the QIA (Qurtuba Islamic Academy) Winter Warmth Blanket Drive. Students from this altruistic school in Linbro Park, Johannesburg collected funds last winter in aid of purchasing blankets.

The school wanted to distribute the blankets to the students of Realogile High School which is situated in the neighbouring township, Alexandra. Their aim was to spread warmth and kindness among needy children during the colder season.

Blankets packed and ready to go!

A total of R10 500 was raised which enables QIA to buy 150 blankets. Members of the Outreach Committee lent their time to collecting the funds and packing the blankets. While fundraising is a noble cause in itself, the QIA faculty found that most life lessons are better taught in practice which is why they took their students along to Realogile High School, where they could personally distribute the blankets.

QIA students handing over blankets to learners from Realogile High School

This visit was an eye-opening experience for the QIA learners because they got to witness the conditions in which other less-fortunate children their age live in. As Muslims, it is our duty to care for our neighbours, and this wisdom was imparted upon the Qurtuba Islamic Academy students during this blanket drive.

The Realogile High students were overjoyed when they received the blankets because their winter promised to be a little warmer, thanks to their friends from Qurtuba Islamic Academy.
For more information about the academy and their initiatives, please call the Qurtuba Islamic Academy on 011 608 0527 or email

QIA learners spread joy through the Syria Shoebox Project

During Ramadaan, we all enjoy peace and enlightenment, but our brothers and sisters in Syria no longer have the privilege to experience that. Faced with the perils of ongoing war and violence everyday, children of Syria have lost the true essence of what a happy and carefree childhood means.

The students and faculty of Qurtuba Islamic Academy, situated in Linbro Park, Johannesburg, decided that it was only fair that if they were to receive Eid gifts this year, so too should the children of Syria. During May 2017, each student began collecting a special gift for a child of war, as well as a beautifully decorated a shoebox to put it in, hence the name; the Syria Shoebox Project.

QIA students beautifully decorated shoeboxes for Eid gifts

What made this project even more significant is that each learner personally selected the contents of the gift box and lent their creativity to decorating the boxes in colourful gift wrap and trimmings. All the QIA learners hope their gift will bring a smile to the face of a Syrian child, many of whom are orphans.

Shoeboxes being delivered to Al-Quds Foundation

Approximately 105 boxes were collected and then sent to the Al Quds Foundation which will facilitate their delivery to Syria.

These shoeboxes are a symbol of solidarity and hopefulness. The Eid gifts will not only delight the children who receive it, but also remind them of the thoughtfulness and kindness of mankind.

For more information about the academy and their initiatives, please call the Qurtuba Islamic Academy on 011 608 0527 or email

Qurtuba Islamic Academy – Cake Sale Fundraiser for Palestine & Syria

While the rest of us were enjoying our morning tea, students from Qurtuba Islamic Academy in Linbro Park were hard at work at their annual Cake Sale Fundraiser in aid of Palestine and Syria.

Yummy baked treats for sale

Held in March 2017, the fundraising event coincided with Israel Apartheid Week. The young and generous souls at Qurtuba Islamic Academy donated various delectable baked goods to raise funds for our brothers and sisters in need, in both Palestine and Syria. The delicious treats were collected and sold at the school, appeasing every child’s sweet tooth!

This event brought attention to the plight in the Middle East and enlightened QIA students on the harsh reality of daily life there, which further ignited their empathy and instilled in them a will to do more to help others in need. Learners also prepared and showcased several presentations, fanning feelings of unity and solicitude among all. It was truly heartwarming for parents and teachers to witness the passion and solidarity that these young learners have shown for the people of Palestine and Syria. 

We stand together for the people of Palestine and Syria

An impressive total of R18 000 was collected, and these funds will be distributed to the beneficiaries through the great efforts of the Jamiatul-Ulama South Africa. All humanitarian aid collected will be used to provide daily necessities to destitute adults, children and families who’ve been affected by the ongoing conflict in the region.


Hundreds of balloons, bearing the colours of the Palestinian and Syrian flags, were released at the event as a symbol of hope for freedom and peace in the Middle East. The compassion and altruism these children have shown illustrates the amazing mindsets instilled in them by their teachers and parents.

For more information about the academy and their initiatives, please call the Qurtuba Islamic Academy on 011 608 0527 or email