QIA learners spread joy through the Syria Shoebox Project

During Ramadaan, we all enjoy peace and enlightenment, but our brothers and sisters in Syria no longer have the privilege to experience that. Faced with the perils of ongoing war and violence everyday, children of Syria have lost the true essence of what a happy and carefree childhood means.

The students and faculty of Qurtuba Islamic Academy, situated in Linbro Park, Johannesburg, decided that it was only fair that if they were to receive Eid gifts this year, so too should the children of Syria. During May 2017, each student began collecting a special gift for a child of war, as well as a beautifully decorated a shoebox to put it in, hence the name; the Syria Shoebox Project.

QIA students beautifully decorated shoeboxes for Eid gifts

What made this project even more significant is that each learner personally selected the contents of the gift box and lent their creativity to decorating the boxes in colourful gift wrap and trimmings. All the QIA learners hope their gift will bring a smile to the face of a Syrian child, many of whom are orphans.

Shoeboxes being delivered to Al-Quds Foundation

Approximately 105 boxes were collected and then sent to the Al Quds Foundation which will facilitate their delivery to Syria.

These shoeboxes are a symbol of solidarity and hopefulness. The Eid gifts will not only delight the children who receive it, but also remind them of the thoughtfulness and kindness of mankind.

For more information about the academy and their initiatives, please call the Qurtuba Islamic Academy on 011 608 0527 or email