Purple Bandage Brings Warmth to the Homeless of Vereeniging

As temperatures begin to dip and we haul out our heaters from storage for their annual winter exhibition, an estimated 200 000 homeless South Africans roam the streets, searching for warmth and shelter.

The Purple Bandage organisation conducts an annual blanket drive to help warm up the chilly nights for the underprivileged. This year, the ‘Winter Warm Your Heart’ campaign took place in Vereeniging, Gauteng.

The NPO ran a collection drive from 3-15 May 2019. Once the blankets were accumulated, distribution took place on the evening of the 17 May, after Taraweeh Salaah (night prayers during Ramadaan). The Purple Bandage team, along with a few helpful volunteers took to the streets of Vereeniging, hoping to add some hope and warmth to destitute street dwellers.



In total, 116 hampers were given to the homeless people found sleeping out in the cold; in open fields or in front of shops and on pavements in Vereeniging. These men and women usually sleep outside with almost nothing to shield them from the elements. Purple Bandage mentions that this was also a way to show them that there are people who are willing to help and support them.


The Purple Bandage team would like to thank everyone who donated towards this project, as well as their volunteers from Roshnee and Arcon Park – which included women and children – who joined them for the distribution during the late hours of the evening.

The blanket drive is an annual occurrence on Purple Bandage’s winter calendar and each year, a different location or community is chosen as the beneficiary. A warm heart in a cold world is a rare and triumphant asset, one which many homeless folks will be very grateful for this winter.

For more information, please contact Mohammed Ravat on 072 885 2514 or email

Winter Warmth Drive 2018 – UJ Muslim Students Association

In this fast-paced world we live in, it is without a doubt that everyone seems too occupied to help those less fortunate, however, this isn’t the case for a concerned group of youths who collectively go by the name, Muslim Students Association (MSA). While being fortunate enough to receive tertiary education at one of Joburg’s most prestigious institutions, they find the time between lecture schedules and study sessions to give their time and effort to help others.


The MSA at the University of Johannesburg (UJ) was established in 2001. This dynamic group of young Muslims meet at the jamaat khana (place of worship) on campus to share ideas on how to help the underprivileged. The word spread to students at Auckland Park’s Kingsway Campus and the Doornfontein Campus, and it didn’t take long before they all began working together towards making a difference.

The teams work hand in hand and use various methods to raise funds, such as door-to-door collections, acquiring corporate social responsibility sponsorships from large companies, collecting donation boxes after jummah salaah (Friday prayers), and asking family and friends to donate generously. 

With the funds that have been collected, items are purchased from wholesalers at a discounted price,” says coordinator, Muhammed Asvat. “Blankets are purchased from Moosa Blankets in Johannesburg, maize meal and baked beans are bought from Yarona Cash and Carry (who also sponsor a great deal of items), while gloves, beanies, socks, scarfs and ear warmers were kindly donated.”


This year, the team successfully managed to raise R27 500, which was enough to assemble 250 hampers. Once the items were purchased, they were delivered to the Auckland Park Campus, where young MSA members proceeded with packing the hampers.

Each year, hampers are delivered to people who need them the most. In 2017 and 2018, the Benoni Muslim Jamaat (BMJ) were recipients of the hampers. They had contacted the MSA for assistance because they house a few needy students at their madrassah (school). On the 18th of May 2018, after jummah salaah (Friday prayers), the MSA team along with many other students used their own vehicles to transport the goods to their destination in Benoni.


To culminate the completion and success of this year’s winter warmth drive, a nominated member of the MSA rendered a speech at their assembly and the congregation received a few words of advice from respected BMJ principal, Moulana Ayyub Kachwee.

It’s always heart-warming to see the youth take time off from their studies and social activities to give back to less-fortunate communities. We hope their kindness and generosity will inspire even more student organisations to follow suit.

For more information on MSA UJ projects, please contact Muhammed Asvat on 079 152 7296.

Winter Warmth Drives 2018

The winter season is slowly creeping in and with it comes icy and unpredictable weather. Unfortunately, there are still many poverty-afflicted families and individuals around South Africa who can’t afford heating, insulating clothes or even a decent blanket to keep them warm.

Muslim organisations all over the country have decided to step up and lead the drive in providing warm apparel and blankets for those in need.

Sisters of Hope, Ashraful Uloom, Darul Ihsan, Al Imdaad, The Jamiatul Ulama SA and Industry Bakery – to name a few – have all put out appeals to the public to donate blankets generously. Some organisations like IRTIQA Magazine, the Muslim Students Association at the University of Johannesburg and Africa Muslims Agency have broadened their scope to donations of clothes, canned food and various other items to help the disadvantaged and destitute keep cosy and content during the upcoming winter.

More established organisations have even targeted communities nationwide; Ashraful Uloom (a Johannesburg- based organisation) has already distributed items in Cape Town and Al Imdaad distributed blankets at Jadu Place informal settlement in Durban.



The collection and distribution of items will continue over the next few months around South Africa. Teams of volunteers have kindly donated their time, efforts and money towards these Winter Warmth projects, hoping to make life a little better for their local communities.

More information about each project can be found on each organisation’s website and social media pages, as well as on our Proudly Muslims of South Africa Facebook and Instagram pages.