The light of hope brightening lives in Pietermaritzburg

Pietermaritzburg, the second largest city in Kwa-zulu Natal, is home to over 200 000 residents. Like most cities in South Africa, Pietermaritzburg is no stranger to poverty and the locals have had to extend a hand to assist their underprivileged neighbours.

An Nur The Light of Hope is a registered NPC located in Pietemaritzburg and is headed up by Nazeera Vawda, an attorney by profession, who specializes in family and divorce law. She has been involved in group charity work for the past eight years, starting off in her hometown of Ladysmith and continuing her efforts when she relocated to Pietermaritzburg in 2013.

Nazeera is a familiar face in the community and was appointed as one of the trustees of The Child and Family Welfare Society in Pietermaritzburg in 2015, after being a board member for two years prior. She works closely with vulnerable children and in the abused women shelters, providing joy and messages of hope in the form of entertainment, dinners, motivational and empowerment sessions for the women.

The group held feeding programmes during Ramadhaan, however when COVID-19 surfaced, they felt the need to extend their efforts and began distributing care buckets containing food items and other basic essentials in various areas including Woodlands, Orient Heights and Edendale to name a few. The care buckets were distributed once a month and between June to September 200 were handed out. The team have secured funding for October and will be packing and distributing hampers before the end of the month.

In addition to the food hampers, The Light of Hope team assist the local youth of France location with supplies and in the maintenance of their lovely food garden. Once a dumpsite, the garden now flourishes with nutritious spinach and other vegetables which they sell or provide for free to the local community.

Nazeera believes that we can do so much when working collectively and is so grateful for the amazing team of like-minded individuals she has been blessed with on this venture.

Should you wish to contribute:

Banking details

An Nur The Light of Hope NPC

First National Bank

Account Number 62868 366 165

Branch code 210 835


For more information contact

Nazeera 078 834 6298